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  • How do I earn Cashback?

    • 1.Simply join for FREE or if you're already a member, sign-in and start shopping!
    • 2.On Coupert's website or app, browse from thousands of stores and click on the offer of your choice. Read More
    • 3.Click to activate Cashback to launch a new window and get redirected to the store's website.
    • 4.Shop and checkout like normal. Make sure you complete the order within the same tab!
    • 5.Remember to begin your online shopping journey at Coupert to maximize your Cashback savings!
  • Where does the money come from?

    When you shop through Coupert, the stores pay us a commission and we share it with you as Cashback.
  • Why didn’t I get my Cashback?

    Here are some common reasons why your Cashback may not have been tracked:

    • You may not have clicked from Coupert when making a purchase. Unfortunately if you did not redirect to the store of choice before the order, we will be unable to track your order and thus no Cashback will be awarded.
    • You may not have followed the Merchant Store’s Terms & Conditions when ordering through Coupert. Exclusions are up to the sole discretion of the merchant. An item you purchased was not eligible for the offer.
    • Cashback transactions take about 1-15 days to appear in your account. So don't worry, it could still be processing behind the scenes! If you don't see your transaction in your account after 15 days, reach out to us at your earliest convenience.
    • There was a cancellation, return or exchange of your order. Cashback is only awarded for successful orders and will not be awarded for cancellations, returns or exchanges.
    • You have ad blockers/ublockers applied to your browsers
    • You have used a coupon or voucher code not listed on Coupert.

    If none of the above applies to you, please contact our Customer Service Team: [email protected]

  • How can I withdraw my Cashback?

    If you would like to withdraw or redeem your Cashback, you must have accumulated more than $10.00 in your confirmed balance.

    To request for a withdrawal, simply follow these steps:

    • 1.Log in and click on "Withdraw"
    • 2.Enter your PayPal account exactly

    Your withdrawal request will be processed within 3-5 working days.

  • Does Coupert Cashback expire?

    Coupert Cashback doesn't expire as long as your account remains active. We define an account as active if you earn cashback, no matter how many, within a consecutive 12-month period.
  • What If I want to use coupons and deals?

    Cash back stacks on top of all the coupons and deals! So it is EXTRA savings you can only get by clicking through Coupert.
  • How is the Cashback calculated?

    If Cashback rate of a store is up to 20% or <20%, that is to say, the max Cashback rate is 20%.

    The Cashback rate is variable, depending on your order amount, the items and category of your purchase, and the store. And exclusions are up to the sole discretion of the merchant.

    The maximum cash back bonus for a single order is $50.00.

  • My purchase and Cashback have both been reported as lower than expected?

    As advised, most stores will only pay Cashback on the purchase price excluding GST and shipping, delivery and any other such costs. This mostly explains why you can have a lower purchase amount reported and consequently receive a lower Cashback amount.
  • What do the different statuses mean?

    • Pending: Cashback usually appears as Pending before the merchant verifies your purchase.

    • Confirmed: Cashback can be withdrawn via PayPal when it appears as Confirmed.

    • Cancelled:Cashback status changes to be Cancelled for these conditions: your action of cancelling order or being against Coupert's policies.

    • Rejected: Any misconduct in contravention of Coupert's Policies can result in rejection of your withdrawal application.

    • Locked: Cashback will remain as Locked after you submit a withdrawal application.

    • Paid: The status of Cashback appears as Paid when Coupert completes the transfer.

    • Expired: If you don't earn any new Cashback in 12 months, all your current Cashback in your account will become expired.

  • Why is my Cashback pending?

    Transactions remain pending for 60-90 days while the merchant confirms your purchase and verifies that items from your order haven't been returned or refunded. If you do return part of your purchase, the amount of Cashback you earn will adjust accordingly.

    If you make a reservation on a travel site, you cannot receive cashback until your reservation is completed. These pending periods are determined by the merchant. Once we receive confirmation that you'll earn Cashback for the purchase (after the return window has ended or in the case of a travel reservation, when the stay is completed) our system automatically posts Cashback to your account.

    Please reach out to us if you have any questions about pending Cashback on your transactions.

  • Can I get cash back for in-store purchases?

    Not yet. We only get referral fees when you click from Coupert to a store's website for online shopping.
  • What’s going on with my order?

    Once we take you to a retailer's website, they handle the entire order, including payment and shipping. If you have questions about your order, please contact the retailer.
  • This deal has already expired!

    It happens and it burns us out, too. Sometimes it's because your app didn't refresh (shut it down and reopen it if you don't think you're looking at the latest deals), and sometimes it's because the retailer changed the end date. If we'ye missed an expiration date change, please let us know.

If you can't find what you need, please feel free to contact the Coupert team at [email protected]

  • 1. How do I earn Cashback?
  • 2. Where does the money come from?
  • 3. Why didn’t I get my Cashback?
  • 4. How can I withdraw my Cashback?
  • 5. Does Coupert Cashback expire?
  • 6. What If I want to use coupons and deals?
  • 7. How is the Cashback calculated?
  • 8. My purchase and Cashback have both been reported as lower than expected?
  • 9. What do the different statuses mean?
  • 10. Why is my Cashback pending?
  • 11. Can I get cash back for in-store purchases?
  • 12. What's going on with my order?
  • 13. This deal has already expired!
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